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My SleepWell Solution

Are you ready to transform your sleep?

The gold-standard, scientifically proven, step-by-step practical program.

*Worldwide support via video call at your fingertips!

Go from insomnia to the best sleep of your life in as little as 4 - 8 weeks!

I will be here for you every step of the way.






Insomnia is lonely. Treatment doesn’t have to be.

  • How would it feel to stop fearing your bed and to love being in it?


  • How would it feel to stop your insomnia pushing you around and to start living fully again?


  • How would it feel just to have what everyone else just takes for granted– Sleep!

With My SleepWell Solution, you can have that!


How is My SleepWell Solution different?


No sleep hygiene, warm baths or kiwi fruit – Short term ‘ sleep hacks’  do not work because they do not get to the root cause of insomnia. This program does!  

A scientifically proven 3 level sleep retraining program.


Level 1:



Want to have every question you’ve ever had about sleep answered?

  • Why do I never feel sleepy…

  • Why is my sleep never consistent…

  • Why do I have a racing mind and racing heart at night..


Why after visiting every doctor on the planet does nobody EVER understand?

I do. Soon you will too!


Level 2:



Rebuild your pattern of sleep brick by brick.


  • Want to fall asleep quickly or stop waking in the night?

  • Awake or asleep want to love being in bed again?

  • Want to stop insomnia controlling your every waking thought?


Learn scientifically proven, powerful behavioural and thought pattern changes and you will have that.


level 3:



  • Worried about relapses? – Don’t be. We’ve got you covered. You’re never going back!

  • Insomnia eroded your confidence and self-esteem? Let’s rebuild that!

  • Avoided eating late in restaurants, staying in a hotel or booking that dream holiday?


That was you with insomnia – not you now. It’s time to start living again!


Feel validated

You’re right! Ritualistic behaviours like setting yourself a fixed bedtime, sleep hygiene, meditation, kiwi fruit, hot baths & avoiding doing certain things to try and protect sleep are not helpful. Normal sleepers don’t do any of this, and they still sleep!


feel understood

Doctors on average only receive 1.5 hours of sleep medicine training throughout their careers. So no, Insomnia is not a symptom of another condition. And yes, I know why the bed is an anxious place and why people with insomnia think, feel, and act the way they do to try and force sleep to come. But I will also show you another way. That works…


and sleep!

You don’t need to do everything perfectly to sleep well, just good enough.

Learn about the sleep drive & how hyper-arousal can mask it. And take practical, actionable steps to change your behaviours and thought patterns around sleep.

About Joseph Pannell

Former chronic insomniac of 20 years, after completing multiple Sleep medicine / ACT-I / CBTi (CBT-I) courses Joseph now works with the Sleep Charity, mans a national sleep helpline & with the help of TEDx speaker Raj Adagopul he is disseminating sleep knowledge to India.


Joseph has worked with some of the largest organisation's in Britain including Network Rail, The Ministry of Justice and  NHS Health Education England. He regularly talks on the radio, has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines and was recently featured in Authority.


What to expect

✔️  4 hours of on demand video that is yours to keep, forever!

✔️  4  X 1 - 1 video call consultation (ZOOM/SKYPE - 50 mins)

✔️  3 X Weekly 'catch up' phonecalls

✔️  A hard copy of MySleepWell Journal

✔️  Scientifically proven techniques

✔️  A structured step-by-step programme

✔️  A kind approach from somebody who understands what you are going through!

✔️  A no questions asked, money back guarantee

✔️  Sleep! Joseph has helped thousands just like you. Now it’s your turn.

Complimentary Bonus

✔️ 1X 30min aftercare video call 1month after course completion. (Worth £75)

But don't just take our word for it!

"Thank you so much mate"

Wayne Goss,
3.95 Million Youtube Subscribers

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Proud to have worked with...

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Joseph helped to transform Wayne's sleep. How?

Ready to transform your sleep?

Get started with My Sleep Well Solution today!

£695/ $765


D.I.Y Sleep Well Solution

Want to transform your sleep with just the step-by-step video element of the program without 1 -1  support at a much lower price? 

You've got it. Join today



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