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Put insomnia to bed with the gold-standard, evidence based treatment. I did so can you.

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If you have a drive to sleep and you are not hyper-aroused, you will sleep. No exceptions. Understanding sleep drive and hyper-arousal is the key to curing insomnia. Want to master both in under 5 minutes? Take a listen to the audio book sample!

  • Insomniacs never feel sleepy, ever! Why?

  • Fixed bedtimes fuel insomnia.

  • It doesn't matter what triggered it.

  • Insomnia and sleep deprivation are not the same.

  • 8 hours of sleep is a complete myth.

  • Spending longer in bed makes it worse.

  • Warm baths, kiwi fruit, cherries, sleep hygiene ... Not exercising late, not eating late, not drinking any alcohol... Having 1001 things you must do, and 1001 you must not do, just causes more anxiety and obsession around sleep. You don't need to do everything perfectly. Normal sleepers don't, and they still sleep!

But you do need to know about the sleep drive, and how hyper-arousal can mask it. You need to be shown what behavioral and thought pattern changes you need to do to sleep again. And you need to learn about:

  • Stimulus control

  • The buffer zone

  • Active and avoidance sleep efforts

  • The timeless night

  • Sleep windows

And knees sticking out in front of an underwhelmed maid...

Learn this. And you will relearn how to sleep.

I did.

And after curing my 20-year insomnia, I trained with one of the world's best sleep physicians so I could help you overcome yours. In this book, I take you on my journey, and share the gold-standard, evidence-based treatment, so that You Can Sleep Too!
Already tried CBT-I? I completed multiple CBT-I and sleep science training courses to write this insomnia book for you. But I also trained in NATTO. Both CBTi and NATTO can completely transform your sleep. Buy this book or audiobook and you will learn both.

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