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About Me

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Joseph Pannell (left)
Dr. Ranj. Singh ( Right) TV Dr. / Strictly Come Dancing.

I help people sleep because I know first-hand better than anybody what not sleeping does to you.

People won’t let you help them until they feel understood, I had insomnia for 20 years, so I do understand, so people listen.


The knowledge I share will help everybody in your organisation. It will prevent good sleepers becoming poor sleepers, it will help poor sleepers become good sleepers, and statistically around 20% of your staff will have insomnia so it will help them too!

My own insomnia lasted for two decades. During that time, I tried everything. Hot baths, kiwi fruit supplements, sleeping tablets, relaxation techniques, sleeping on an island surrounded by orcas … Nothing! Everything I tried that didn’t work just drove my obsession and anxiety and eroded my confidence that I could ever sleep well again.

Everything changed for me when I found CBTi. I am now on a man on a mission to get this evidence-based sleep knowledge out into the world.

After training in the field ( CBTi / NATTO / Sleep Medicine) I now work with one of the UK’s largest sleep charities, man a national sleep help line and have worked with some of the largest organisations in Britain including Network Rail, The Ministry of Justice and NHS Health Education England.

Please take a look at what people are saying about me below...

'Kind & helpful ... Thoroughly recommend' - Tom                                                 ' Life changing' - Jennie                                                 'Thank you mate ' - Wayne Goss  (3.95M subs)      


"Joseph, Thank you for such a great session yesterday. I was really pleased with the content and level of interaction from colleagues.

Colleagues have been in touch expressing their gratitude to you as well." - Stephen Maddocks, NHS Health Education England.
Image by Fuu J


I have had severe chronic insomnia for 15. Along with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, which is all my therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors would treat, always promising the insomnia would resolve when I got my other diagnoses under control. But how do you resolve trauma when every single night is retraumatizing? Pannell is the only sleep advice expert that I have ever listened to that actually truly understands insomnia: the anxiety ABOUT sleep that no provider seems to get, the way it controls your life, every minute of the day becoming obsessive ritual to attempt to unlock the right code to sleeping, the true hell that life becomes. I am not exaggerating when I say that years of “true” Trauma did not break me the way insomnia did. No abuse gave me the suicidal fantasies that insomnia did. I thought my insomnia must be so much worse, so much different and more deeply rooted in who I am than it was for others if no sleep advice seemed to work for me. I berated myself for not being able to meditate well enough, that I must be doing relaxation techniques wrong, that my anxious brain must be seriously so damaged as to override its need to sleep.


When Joseph disparaged sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques and all the rituals we create trying to do everything perfectly in order to get sleep, I could have kissed him. I have only begun to implement these techniques and was going to wait to write my review after I’ve been “cured,” but  he has instilled such confidence (for the first time in 25 years) in my ability to implement these techniques and that they’ll work, that I don’t even need to wait for them to work before writing this. That’s a miracle by itself.


He has given me a kind of hope and promise that I never thought I’d ever have. I am so grateful for this wonderful, wonderful man. At the very least I know for the first time I’m not alone.

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