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I help people sleep because I know first-hand better than anybody what not sleeping does to you.

People won’t let you help them until they feel understood, I had insomnia for 20 years, so I do understand, so people listen.


The knowledge I share will help everybody in your organisation. It will prevent good sleepers becoming poor sleepers, it will help poor sleepers become good sleepers, and statistically around 20% of your staff will have insomnia so it will help them too!

My own insomnia lasted for two decades. During that time, I tried everything, hot baths, kiwi fruit supplements, sleeping tablets, relaxation techniques, sleeping on an island surrounded by orcas … Nothing! Everything I tried that didn’t work just drove my obsession and anxiety and eroded my confidence that I could ever sleep well again.

Everything changed for me when I found CBTi. I am now on a man on a mission to get this evidence-based sleep knowledge out into the world.

I trained with a sleep physician, completed an accredited SleepScience course, I work with one of the UK’s largest sleep charities, man a national sleep help line, have worked with Network Rail, The MOJ and Health Education England and with the help of  TEDx speaker Raj Adogopul I am disseminating  sleep knowledge to India.

Please take a look at what people are saying about me below...

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 After 25 years, I had given up on anything to help my insomnia

I considered my bed a torture chamber. I told my husband that the worst part of my day was going to bed at night. For 25 years, I dreaded nighttime. I tried everything, herbs, warm milk, hot baths, meditation, prayer, eating, not eating, pills, drugs, etc.. I went to doctor after doctor. Nothing. I walked around like a zombie most days. This book truly helped me. The author is funny as heck. It's a great and easy read, entertaining, but for me, it made me cry because someone finally understood what I was going through. Everything he said about his insomnia and everything he tried, I experienced the same thing. If you can relate to any of this, pick up this book and do the things he says. I've only just started .. about 2 weeks in and already I've had some good nights. My husband always said my problems were in my head... and he was right. I feared not sleeping. My anxiety was wrapped around my sleep. I had read so much about how important getting 8 hours of good sleep was.. how I would prematurely age and get sick and die without it! For me one of the most important sections in this book was Sleep knowledge. Anyway, I could go on. Get this book and sleep.... I can't say enough good things about it.

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2021
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- MLTyndall